Week 6 Friday Lecture: Lawrence Lessig TEDTalk

On Wednesday, we will discuss Copyright and Ethics. You will learn how copyright relates to the projects we are working on in this course, as well as how to protect yourself on both sides of the copyright fence in your future endeavors as a creator or consumer. One alternative to copyright is Creative Commons, which we…
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Week 6: Intro to Video and 5×5 Digital Story

Lecture for Monday (2/9/2015) First, watch the three videos shared through Vimeo’s Video School: Video 101. Each video is about 4 minutes long; be sure to click on “continue reading” underneath each video so you can read the information they share. This is a great place to learn the basics of shooting and editing video….
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Blog Post 3: Promote Your Other Social Media Accounts

Publish a blog post that shares your Twitter @username, Facebook group page, YouTube channel URL, and any other accounts that you will be using for your campaign. We will set the necessary accounts and profiles up during Week 5’s lab so that you can post, share content, and otherwise spread your message during the second…
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Samples of Previous Twitterature Reviews

Below is a list of 9 of last quarter’s submissions for the Twitterature Review assignment. The previous post containing links to Fall 2014 blogs contains specific links to each author’s posts for Blog Post 1: Explaining the Need.

Twitterature Review Assignment

Twitterature Review Last week’s blog post was step 1 in establishing yourself as an expert on your topic, and you identified an area of need. This week’s post will be step 2: identifying sources of information and misinformation on your topic. What ‘literature’ is out there? Your blog post should identify sources of information for…
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