Week 6: Intro to Video and 5×5 Digital Story

Lecture for Monday (2/9/2015) First, watch the three videos shared through Vimeo’s Video School: Video 101. Each video is about 4 minutes long; be sure to click on “continue reading” underneath each video so you can read the information they share. This is a great place to learn the basics of shooting and editing video….
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Blog Post: Week 8 – Share Your Campaign Accounts

Publish a post that shares your Twitter @username, Facebook group page, YouTube channel URL, and any other accounts that you will be using for your campaign. This must be published by Wednesday, November 19, at 3:00 PM, on your blog. Categorize your post as “Assignments” and [your topic name]. Add all relevant keywords.

Blog Post: SocialMediaWorks Summary & Initial Reaction

SocialMediaWorks will recommend channels for your message. Publish a blog post that shares the recommended channels and summarize “why it’s recommended” in your own words. This is for the sake of potential readers of your blog so that they can understand how each social media channel can be useful in disseminating your message and promoting…
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