Lecture – The Case for Boredom

For this week’s digital lecture, I would like you to listen to “The Case For Boredom (TCFB).” TCFB is a 16 minute episode from the podcast Note to Self (formerly called New Tech City). I mentioned this podcast in week 1, with regards to a “Tech-Free Challenge” that would provide opportunities for extra credit.

Please don’t misinterpret the previous sentence: listening to The Case For Boredom is a requirement. The extra credit option will come during the next few weeks, and will be based off this and future episodes, with some writing involved.

You have two other options for listening to The Case For Boredom:

  1. You can stream the episode on the web using the link The Case for Boredom. The webpage has additional information about the episode, and an audio player where you can click to listen right on the web.
  2. You can download or stream the podcast from the iTunes store or Podcasts app on iOS. I am not sure how Droid or Windows Phones distribute podcasts, but it should available there, too. The podcast is called Note to Self (formerly New Tech City) and the episode is called The Case for Boredom or Bored and Brilliant Project: Part 1.


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