Lecture – The Dark Side of Social Media

We will discuss Twitter and social media next week. We will learn about the positive and wonderful uses in community- and relationship-building.

But there are inherent risks in social media, just like there is with any tool that gives power to the person wielding it.  The Jedi use the Force well in Star Wars, but the Sith use the same power negatively.  Many wizards use magic positively in Harry Potter’s world, but the Deatheaters use the same power negatively.

I have curated three videos below to open your eyes to some of the risks in social media, such as:

Protecting Twitter users (sometimes from themselves)

Del Harvey (9m19s)

Your online life, permanent as a tattoo

Juan Enriquez (5m57s)

The curly fry conundrum: Why social media “likes” say more than you might think

Jennifer Golbeck (9m55s)

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