Footage Challenge 2 – Lighten Up

Your second footage challenge will focus on lighting. You will use your camera to record two people — a roommate(s), friend(s), family member(s) — answering a question. Each interview should be between 15 and 30 seconds long and you will record them in different types of lighting. A list of parameters and options is below.


You will interview two different people. Your interviewees can be anybody — roommates, friends, family — except you.

  • You need to be the camera person, so you cannot answer the questions yourself.
  • Let your subjects know that this video will be watched in class, but that it will not be published anywhere without their permission.


You will ask each interviewee to answer one of the following questions:

  • What would your “I’m super rich and can do something ridiculous” purchase be if you win a $1.5 billion in the lottery?
  • What superhero power would you want to wake up with tomorrow? Why?

Time Limit

Your interviewees will provide a short answer to the question you  (or they) choose from above.

  • Each interview will ideally be between 15 and 30 seconds long.
  • The time limit is a soft limit; it is ok if their answer goes over that time.


You will conduct the two interviews in different light settings. For example, if your first  interview is conducted outside at nighttime, the second interview should be conducted either outdoors during the day or indoors at night.

Below are some possible lighting variables. Feel free to mix and match variables:

  • Outdoors vs Indoors
  • Daytime vs Nighttime
  • Overhead lighting vs the flash / light on your phone / camera
  • Household lighting vs big box store lighting (like inside of Walmart or Target)
  • In shadows vs in direct light
  • Light overhead (like the sun) vs light behind (like indoors in front of a window)


Your footage should be uninterrupted:

  • Press record and let the camera roll.
  • Don’t pause, stop, or cut the recording.
  • Don’t edit your recording. Just let the camera record; we will view the raw footage during class to examine how lighting can affect the footage.

File Name & Submission

Make sure you name your file so that it includes your name and fc2, such as “Brandon” or “Brandon fc2.mp4” or “Brandon fc2.avi

Submit your video file via PolyLearn. You may have to compress the footage to a .zip file. This should be submitted prior to Week 7’s lab (Monday 5/15, for Spring 2017 quarter).

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