Footage Challenge 1 – Welcome to Cal Poly

For your first footage challenge, you must record 30 seconds of video footage that you think fits the theme of “Welcome to Cal Poly.” The footage will be ‘B-roll‘ or stock footage. Here are some parameters:

  • Your footage should be at least 30 seconds long and capture the scene of “Welcome to Cal Poly.”
  • Your goal is to simply capture whatever is going on during those 30 seconds.
    • No script, actors, or dialogue should be included.
    • It is ok if your footage includes passersby talking; this is called ambient sound in filmmaking or background noise in everyday life.
  • Your footage should be uninterrupted:
    • Press record and let the camera roll.
    • Don’t pause, stop, or cut the recording.
    • Don’t edit your recording. Just let the camera record; we will use the raw footage later.

Submit your video file via PolyLearn. You may have to compress the footage to a .zip file; we will test this in lab.

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