Final Website Project – Video Playlist

The videos are best viewed in full screen mode, so you can see the code more clearly. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Additional videos addressing CodePen and the Social Media/Portfolio pages will be added. This will be noted in bold, red text so it is easy to tell when they are added. The entire playlist is available on Vimeo in my Final Website Project Album.

Make sure your final website project meets the criteria laid out in Final Website Project – Checklist and check out Week 7’s Final Website Lecture: Choosing Colors & Fonts..

01 – Retrieving Your Most Recent Files

02 – Setting Up Your Environment

03 – Setting Up CSS

04 – Modifying Your Website (4 Videos)

Part I: Overview

Part II: Color Scheme

Part III: Text

Part IV: Selectors & Editing

05 – Final Steps (3 Videos)

Part I: Validating Your Code

Part II: Publishing to the Cal Poly Server

Part III: Submitting to PolyLearn for Grading

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