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Blog Post 1 Examples

The following blog posts provide good examples of content, sources/citations, graphs and images, structure, or several of the above factors:

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose [1]

From the blog U Drink, U Drive, U Lose: Putting an end to drunk driving [2].
Highlighted for: content, sources/citations, structure
screenshot of You Drink, You Drive, You Lose blog post 1 [1]

Your ‘damaged skin’ is looking SO good [3]

From the blog Lean on the Sunscreen [4]
Highlighted for: content, sources/citations
screenshot of Lean On Sunscreen BP1 [3]

We’re Having a Body Party and You’re Invited [5]

From the blog Body Party: Your body is cool, let’s talk about it [6].
Highlighted for: content, sources/citations, effective casual tone supported by cited resources
screenshot of Body Party blog post 1 [5]

Can Your Emotional Issues Really Be Solved By Several Laps Around the Neighborhood? Most Likely Not, But Exercising Regularly May Help [7]

From the blog The Thirty Minute Cure: Promoting Exercise for Depression [8]
Highlighted for: content, structure, courses/citations, opening anecdote supported by cited resources
screenshot of The Thirty Minute Cure blog post 1 [8]