Blog Post 1: Explaining the Need


This is step 1 of establishing your credibility on your topic. Publish a blog post explaining the need/problem you identified and who it affects. Explain what is as well as what ought to be. Use your MessageWorks worksheet as a guide, both in structure as well as for content verification. This blog post will be the narrative version of your MessageWorks assignment. Your writing should reflect your expectation that your blog will be read by individuals from all over the university, state, country, and even the world — and not just by graders for KINE 320.


Back up any statistics or claims you make by citing your sources.

Use “www” formatting for citations, which means using hyperlinks instead of footnotes (an example is at the end of the next paragraph). Points will be deducted if you use footnotes or post the entire URL instead of making relevant text a clickable link.

Some of your sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles found through the library’s website. These articles may require login for access, which is something your readers likely won’t have. You should link to the article’s abstract on the journal’s website in these circumstances. This will allow a reader to access the article with as few clicks as possible. For example, a study conducted at the Monell Chemical Senses Center investigating infant satiety and glutamate showed that an adult panel didn’t find difference in the taste of the formulas.


  • Categorize your post as “Assignments.”
  • Tag it as “kine320” with no spaces between ‘kine’ and ‘320’
  • Tag it as “bp1” so that it is easy for me to find this post
  • Add any other relevant tags that will make it easier for a reader to navigate your content or find your blog if they use a search engine for appropriate keywords.

No Bling Bling

As far as media (images, video, sound, etc.), only include them if they support what you are writing. This means that charts, graphs, demonstrations, or examples of your problem should be included, but don’t include a gratuitous graphic simply for the sake of including a picture or because you want to pretty it up. Visual aids definitely help readers make sense of information, and make a blog more aesthetically appealing.  Above all, content is king!

Submission and Title

This assignment should be published to your WordPress blog no later than 6pm on Monday of Week 3  – *Friday of Week 3 for Winter 2018 due to observance of MLK holiday.

Be sure to give it a catchy title that is descriptive of your problem, and not “Blog Post 1: Explaining the Need.” Yes, I understand the irony in this requirement, but my blog’s target audience is you, and you are looking for instructions on completing a requirement. Your target audience is looking for information on a topic, and an inviting title is critical in turning a surfer into a reader. Please see my previous blog post about phrases you probably want in your blog title for suggestions and tips.

Finally, you can check out blogs from Fall 2014Winter 2015, Spring 2015, or Fall 2015 for examples of Blog Post 1 from previous quarters.

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