5×5 Digital Story


You will use iMovie to create a 5×5 Digital Story during Week 5’s Lab. Below are instructions and links to tutorials for completing this assignment. Three hours has been more than enough time in previous quarters to complete the tutorial and project.


Follow the instructions the imovie11_tutorial.pdf (also available at http://its.pages.tcnj.edu/files/2012/09/imovie11_tutorial.pdf) to edit a 5×5 digital story using photos and voiceover. We will discuss 5×5 videos during lecture; a reminder is here at Vimeo 5×5 Challenge.

Your 5×5 digital story should support your topic, message, or slogan; that leaves a lot of room for you to figure out what your 5×5 will say/show/tell. Be as creative as you want to be, but remember the objective is to create a 25 second movie using photos, voiceover, and, music.

Media Restrictions & Requirements

You may not use any copyrighted media to create your video. The only exception is media for which you are the original author (e.g., a photograph that you took with your camera). Using copyrighted material without permission on this project will result in a 0 for the assignment; use your own media or media that is licensed under Creative Commons.

You must cite all media included by providing a link to its source. This link should go in the credits of the video itself (not in the video’s description). The credits can appear during and after the 26th second of the video.

Submission and Title

You should create your new Event and Project on your flash drive/digital storage device. I will show you how to do this during lab.

You will submit this video to Vimeo.com and embed the video on your blog in a new blog post. You must tag the post containing your video with 5×5 and kine320 to receive credit for this assignment. Here are the steps for doing that:

  1. Create an account on Vimeo.com if you do not already have one. Be sure to verify your account through the email address you supply, or you won’t be able to publish your video.
  2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Note that it will take 30-60 minutes for your video to process once it is uploaded.
  3. Add details to your video on Vimeo. Be sure to add an appropriate title, description, and tags. Your video must be tagged with kine320 and 5×5, plus any other tags that are relevant to your video and topic.
  4. Review the video’s privacy settings. Make sure your video is publicly available and that you can embed it on your blog.
  5. Create a new post on your blog. Paste in the video’s embed code, which you can obtain through Vimeo (click on the paper airplane icon to display it). Give it a catchy and appropriate title; do not simply name it “My 5×5 Digital Story.”
  6. Save a copy of the iMovie project files to your hard drive. This will let you access and even reuse parts of your project on future endeavors.

Make sure you also follow the instructions in Step 13 (on the very last page) to export your video in Quicktime m4v format. This file will be for your records so that you can use it later, whether in this quarter, your portfolio, or in a future campaign. If you omit this step, you will not have a storage copy of your video.


The most important aspect of this project today is that you get familiar with using iMovie to edit together a digital story. Don’t worry about whether or not it is perfect, or cringe at hearing your voice on the computer (this is a natural response). Focus more on using the computer as a tool for storytelling — because a story is what your campaign and message ultimately are.

Have fun, explore, create, and post your video to your blog before you leave tonight!

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