The Photographer’s Right

Bert P. Krages II is an attorney who has created a general guide explaining the rights every photographer should know. He has even turned the guide into a downloadable flyer that explains your rights when stopped or confronted for photography. The guide covers permissible subjects, exceptions, remedies, how to handle confrontations, and more.

Laws can change, so it is important to note that the guide was most recently updated in January 2016 and serves only as a resource. Mr. Krages points out that the guide is a general education guide and it is necessarily limited in scope. It is not intended to be legal advice.

Mr. Krages describes The Photographer’s Right guide  — and grants permission for you to use it — as follows:

The Photographer’s Right is a downloadable guide that is loosely based on the Bust Card and the Know Your Rights pamphlet that used to be available on the ACLU website. It may be downloaded and printed out using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may make copies and carry them in your wallet, pocket, or camera bag to give you quick access to your rights and obligations concerning confrontations over photography. You may distribute the guide to others, provided that such distribution is not done for commercial gain and credit is given to the author.

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