Evolution of the Desk

Throughout the quarter we have discussed the increasing prevalence of technology in our lives. Note to Self’s Bored and Brilliant series explores what our lives would be like if we reduced our use of technology and instead allowed our minds to wander, and the entire Note to Self podcast explores the intersection of our lives and technology.

With that being said, the following animated gif does a great job of showing how technology has transformed our desks during the past 20 years…or maybe even just the past 10 years. The graphic comes from Best Reviews, though the GIF comes imgur.com; full details and credits are in the image’s caption.

One of the amazing things about Imgur is how you all have formed a cohesive community of folks bonded by their love of the interwebs and technology, despite having a vast variety of livelihoods, native countries, and ages. For example, some are old enough to have had flip phones in the early 90s, while others stared at their parents’ phones in envy. For some, that kind of technology remained financially out of reach.Today, technology is affordable and commonplace. In fact, in 2014 the number of active cell phones actually overtook the number of people on the planet! What a difference a couple of decades can make. Join us for a stroll down digital memory lane and appreciate the major tech transformations that happened during our lifetime. Video credit to Harvard Innovation Lab. Photography credit to Dougthomsen.tv & engineering by Anton GeorgievFun fact: The desk scene was set with real vintage items, many of which were sourced on eBay.

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