Final Website Project – Checklist

Below is the checklist for your final website project. You should be able to answer yes to each of these items before you compress your site folder and submit it to PolyLearn. Most of the items below are covered in the Final Website Project – Video  Playlist videos.

  • Does the HTML on your site validate with errors?
  • Does the folder and file structure match the structure outlined in the videos?
  • Is your site customized beyond the provided ‘Cal Poly’ theme  with fonts, colors, and/or images?
  • Is the content grammatically sound? Is the content consistent?
    • For example, if you use hyphens to indicate location, then you should always use hyphens to indicate location as follows:
      • In-n-Out Burger  San Luis Obispo
      • Pita Pit San Luis Obispo
      • The Central Roast (Pismo Beach)
  • Does your Social Media nav item link to your Twitter page (or Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, etc.)?
    • Updated 6/5/15: This nav item should link to something. Some class members linked this to their profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook. Another classmate linked it to a paper he wrote for another class. The possibilities are endless, but it should link to something.
      • Be sure to change the text from “Social Media” to the appropriate title (e.g., “LinkedIn”).
      • Be sure to update the link(s) on your index.html and resume.html pages, and any other pages you are hosting on your website.
    • Extra Credit: Did you create a standalone social media.html page? If so, it should have the same header, footer, nav, and aside sections as the other pages on your site. The main section should include text or icons that link to your different social media accounts.
  • Does your Portfolio page link to some example of work you have completed in the past?
    • Update 6/5/15: See the red text above, under Social Media checklist item. The same general concept applies: this nav item should link to something.
    • Extra Credit: Create (and link to) a Portfolium account that includes the video projects you have completed in this class. Also include any displayable projects or papers you have completed, whether for a KINE-related class, work, or hobby. The idea is to show an employer or grad school the incredible things you have done and/or are capable of.
  • Did you incorporate something you found on CodePen (bonus points extra credit updated 6/5/15)?
    • This can be a slideshow, tabs, neat effect, etc. Explore!
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