Blog Post 3: Social Media Accounts


Publish a blog post that shares your Twitter @username, Facebook group page, YouTube channel URL, and any other accounts that you will be using for your campaign. We have set up some of the necessary accounts and profiles already. You can set up a video account on or during Week 5’s lab. You can also set up a Facebook or Google+ account if you plan on using those platforms to promote your campaign and build a community. You will use the video site (and social networking site if you set it up) as another channel to post, share content, and otherwise spread your message during the second half of the quarter.


You should do more than simply list your username(s) with links; you should also give a brief overview of your topic, message, slogan, and need that you are addressing. Yes, another overview. You shouldn’t assume that a reader has read the rest of your blog, so this will make it easy for them to jump in and understand what you are doing. You should link to previous posts you have written and published for Blog Post 1: Explaining the Need and Blog Post 2:Twitterature Review, as well as any other posts you published that weren’t assigned (if appropriate). The linked text should flow as part of your writing to make your post more readable for a user.


The primary purpose of this post is to let your readers know about presence throughout the web and social media. You must also provide orientation to your topic via an introduction containing links to previous posts for background info. You should not be making any new claims about factual information; if you do, make sure you include citations using ‘www formatting.’

Additionally, you should not just say, “My campaign, Don’t Hate; Participate, is on Twitter.” You should provide a direct link to your Twitter profile. Examples:

  • WRONG: My campaign, Don't Hate Participate, is on Twitter. – Does not link to your Twitter profile
  • WRONG: My campaign, Don't Hate Participate, is on Twitter. – Links to and not your profile
  • CORRECT: My campaign, Don't Hate Participate, is on Twitter at @DHParticipate. – provides a link to your Twitter profile


  • Categorize your post as “Assignments.”
  • Tag it as “kine320” with no spaces between ‘kine’ and ‘320’
  • Tag it as “bp3” so that it is easy for me to find this post
  • Add any other relevant tags that will make it easier for a reader to navigate your content or find your blog if they use a search engine for appropriate keywords.

Submission and Title

This assignment should be published to your WordPress blog no later than 6pm on Monday, May 4.

Be sure to give it a catchy title that reflects your slogan and social media (punny and witty are good devices), and not “Blog Post 3: Social Media Accounts” Yes, I understand the irony in this requirement, but my blog’s target audience is you, and you are looking for instructions on completing a requirement. Your target audience is looking for information on a topic, and an inviting title is critical in turning a surfer into a reader. Please see my previous blog post about phrases you probably want in your blog title for suggestions and tips.


After reading your blog post, a reader should have a clear understanding of where they can find your campaign on various social media channels.

Finally, you can check out blogs from Fall 2014  or Winter 2015 for examples of Blog Post 3 from previous quarters.

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