Week 4 Friday Lecture: Lawrence Lessig TEDTalk

We will discuss Copyright and Ethics next week (Week 5). You will learn how copyright relates to the projects we are working on in this course, as well as how to protect yourself on both sides of the copyright fence in your future endeavors as a creator or consumer.

One alternative to copyright is Creative Commons, which we will discuss next week. For Week 4 Friday lecture, watch this 19 minute TEDTalk delivered by Lawrence Lessig, a lawyer who founded Creative Commons. I had the privilege of seeing Mr. Lessig speak at a symposium when I was at Penn State; he is a very dynamic speaker with interesting stories that illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of our copyright laws. He has several other videos posted on YouTube if you want to watch more. Some overlap this TEDTalk, but all are interesting.

Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity

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