Blog Post 3: Promote Your Other Social Media Accounts

Publish a blog post that shares your Twitter @username, Facebook group page, YouTube channel URL, and any other accounts that you will be using for your campaign. We will set the necessary accounts and profiles up during Week 5’s lab so that you can post, share content, and otherwise spread your message during the second half of the quarter.

You should do more than simply list your username(s) with links; you should also give a brief overview of your topic, message, slogan, and need that you are addressing. Yes, another overview. You shouldn’t assume that a reader has read the rest of your blog, so this will make it easy for them to jump in and understand what you are doing. You can — and should — link to previous posts you have written and published.

This must be published by Monday, February 9, at 6:00 PM, on your blog. Categorize your post as “Assignments” and [your topic name]. Add all relevant keywords and tags. Make sure one of the tags is “blog post 3” so that I can easily find it.

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