Twitterature Review Assignment

Twitterature Review

Last week’s blog post was step 1 in establishing yourself as an expert on your topic, and you identified an area of need. This week’s post will be step 2: identifying sources of information and misinformation on your topic. What ‘literature’ is out there?

Your blog post should identify sources of information for your topic. You should identify not only web sites and journals accessible to the general public, but also (and more importantly) the sources that your target audience is likely using, such as specific Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, blogs, news outlets, TV shows, magazines, etc. Not every source will be formal or credible but they ultimately represent where your target audience currently obtains information or misinformation. These sources are your allies in filling the gap you identified, as well as your adversaries.

You should use what you have previously learned at Cal Poly — including but not limited to content from a previous course or techniques for evaluating the credibility and accuracy of information – to categorize each source as accurate or inaccurate advice/information, and provide justification for how you are categorizing the source. A popular approach for blogs that review sources of information is to use a format where you list the following information for each source:

  • The source of information (location/URL)
  • The author or organization behind the source, including a biography or history
  • A summary of the types of information they provide
  • A “Who is it good for/When to use” recommendation
  • A “Who it isn’t good for/When not to use” recommendation
  • Justification for your recommendations, including “www” formatting for sources

Be sure to include a brief introduction to your overarching topic and/or area of need that includes an appropriate link or links to your previous post(s) on the topic, as well as links to any other information that you reference or would be helpful. Your introduction should also set up the review of sources you are about to provide (tell them what you’re going to tell them). Then, provide your review of sources (tell them). Finally, write a summary of the point of the post that ties back to the introduction (tell them what you told them).

Categorize your post as “Assignments” and “[your topic name]”, and add tag it with related keywords.

After reading your blog post, a reader should have a clear understanding of where they can find good sources of information about your topic as well as sources that require caution. They should also know when to use a particular source, as well as how to evaluate sources for credibility. It will be clear what to watch out for, as well as what you and other agents of change are up against.

This assignment is due by 6:00 PM on Monday, February 2. Publish it to your blog to submit it.

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