Final Project Presentations

You will deliver your Final Project Presentations on Tuesday, December 9.
We will meet in the normal lecture room at 4:10 PM.

This should be a more polished version of the presentation you delivered during the Shark Tank, with a few additions and enhancements.

Length Requirements

Your presentation is limited to 4 minutes. Points will be deducted if you exceed this limit.


One minute of your presentation will be the video that you created, as instructed in the handout Final Project Presentations. This handout was distributed the week before Thanksgiving.

The remaining three minutes should do the following:

  • Remind the class of the need/problem you are trying to fill/solve, and of your slogan.
  • State the channels you used. For each channel, share:
    • How many updates did you publish? How frequently?
    • How many followers/friends/likes do you currently have?
    • How many times were you mentioned/retweeted/shared?
    • How many unsolicited direct messages did you receive, if any?
    • What was the most popular piece of content you published on this channel? How did you determine this was the most popular piece of content?
  • Share the biggest challenge you encountered during this campaign.
  • Share the biggest success you enjoyed during this campaign.
  • Did your campaign have a breakthrough and/or hit a tipping point? If so, what was the catalyst? Did you connect with an influential person? Did you post something that was wildly popular? Did you draw followers by posting a high quantity of content?
  • Did your campaign make any type of measurable or observable difference for your problem or topic? What are using to measure whether or not you made a difference?
  • What would you do differently if you went back 3 weeks and were just beginning your campaign?

Other Notes

  • You should include images, screenshots, and charts to enhance your presentation. Presenting statistics and examples visually will be more effective than simply telling them to the audience.
  • You will have time during lab on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, to finish working on the 1-minute video, which was assigned two weeks ago.
  • Continue posting updates to Twitter, Facebook, and your blog this week.
  • This week’s blog post should be a recap of your campaign and efforts to affect KASA outcomes. Use the questions above as a guide for what your post should describe.

Final Project Instructions Part I
Final Presentations Part II

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