Final Blog Post: Campaign Recap

This week’s blog post should be a recap of your campaign and efforts to affect KASA outcomes. Use the final presentation questions as a guide for what your post should describe, and embed your video. It must be published by Tuesday, December 9, at 4:00 pm.

  • Remind the class of the need/problem you are trying to fill/solve, and of your slogan.
  • State the channels you used. For each channel, share:
    • How many updates did you publish? How frequently?
    • How many followers/friends/likes do you currently have?
    • How many times were you mentioned/retweeted/shared?
    • How many unsolicited direct messages did you receive, if any?
    • What was the most popular piece of content you published on this channel? How did you determine this was the most popular piece of content?
  • Share the biggest challenge you encountered during this campaign.
  • Share the biggest success you enjoyed during this campaign.
  • Did your campaign have a breakthrough and/or hit a tipping point? If so, what was the catalyst? Did you connect with an influential person? Did you post something that was wildly popular? Did you draw followers by posting a high quantity of content?
  • Did your campaign make any type of measurable or observable difference for your problem or topic? What are using to measure whether or not you made a difference?
  • What would you do differently if you went back 3 weeks and were just beginning your campaign?
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