Week 9 Blog: App Recommendations

For this week’s blog post, you will recommend 5 mobile apps that can be used to help fill the gap between what is and what ought to be. It is your choices whether you recommend apps for iOS, Droid, Windows, etc. It is ok to recommend apps for multiple platforms, or that are available on multiple platforms.

Evaluation Criteria

You should evaluate and ultimately select apps based on the following criteria:

  • Icon: This is what appears in the store and on the homescreen. It provides the first clue to the aesthetic style of the app. Include this image in your post.
  • Price: Is the app a good value for its price? Is the app free, or does it offer in-app purchases?
    • **You do not have to spend money for this assignment. It is ok to rely on the app store’s user reviews and website (all platforms require apps to have a website), as well as write-ups that exist elsewhere on the web. At the same time, do not plagiarize the review of someone else; process the information and write your own review.
  • Description/Features/Functions: What does the app do? How would it help address the problem or gap you are attempting to fill?
  • Screenshots: Does the app appear to be intuitive and easy to use? Does the visual style match the app’s feel? Does the interface make sense?

You should be able to justify your recommendation for each app and explain its purpose and features. This means you must write a paragraph (or two) about each app.

Things to Include

You should include the following for each app you recommend:

  • App Name: make this a link to the app’s webpage or to the iTunes/GooglePlay/Windows store.
  • App Developer: Who makes the app? For example, Fitbit is made by Fitbit, Inc.
  • App Price: If the app is a native app — like Apple iOS Reminders — then indicate this, too.
  • App icon: include the icon image, which you can typically find on the appropriate app store. Searching “[app name] icon” in Google Search will often turn up the file you need. Make sure you resize it so it fits into your post (the Fitbit logo below has been resized to 150 x 150)
  • Platforms available: Is this app available on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.?
  • Suggested Uses: Is there a non-obvious way this app can help your problem?
  • App Ratings: Share the average ratings of the current version as listed on the app store, as well as the total number of ratings. For example, the current version of the Fitbit app for iOS has an average rating of 3 stars (307 ratings), as shown below:


Average Fitbit iOS rating


Think Outside of the Box

You may be fortunate enough to find an app that directly addresses your problem/gap. But think about your problem/gap from all angles: the underlying causes, the people it affects, the people who can help, the solutions, etc. For example, assume your problem/gap is related to Diabetes. You could recommend apps that:

  • Help a user track their sugar intake
  • Find diabetic-friendly recipes or restaurants with diabetic-friendly menus
  • Increase physical activity to manage glucose levels
  • Remind the user to monitor their glucose and insulin levels, or take medicine
  • Find doctors, support groups, or information on the topic
  • Anything else that you can justify as being a helpful aid to a reader seeking to address this gap. It is ok if the app has other purposes, too.
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