Campaign Goals for Tuesday 11/25

Get your blog ready for sharing to a wider audience:

  • Make sure you edit the About Me post from the beginning of the quarter. Make sure you are comfortable with everything in it.
  • Change your URL if you want it to be more consistent with your message/slogan. Share the new URL with me.

Create your Twitter account, Facebook page and, if it is one of your channels, a YouTube account.

  • Complete the profile
  • Update a picture/logo
  • Include your blog’s URL (make sure you update this if you change your blog URL, as specified above)

Begin Building a Community

  • Follow 10 relevant accounts on Twitter. Engage them with mentions and tweets.
  • Employ the strategies listed on 10 Great Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page’s Popularity to generate page likes. Do this organically; don’t just beg friends via your personal Facebook profile. Boo, lame.
  • Post at least 3 Twitter and Facebook status updates before class on Tuesday. Respond to mentions, talk to followers, have conversations.
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