Blog Post: Strengths & Weaknesses

This week’s topic is Strengths & Weaknesses

Address the following questions while considering technology, ability, content, audience, and any other pertinent factors:

  • What are your strengths that will help you meet the objectives of your campaign to address a human performance need? What talents, skills, and resources do you have that make you well suited to meet your objectives?
  • What are your biggest challenges, or weaknesses, in meeting the objectives for your campaign?

Important elements of this assignment:

  • Categorize your post as “Assignments” and [your topic name]. Add appropriate keywords. Include media (audio, photo, video, charts, etc.) that supports your message and content, but do not be gratuitous.
  • Use “www formatting” to share relevant content when necessary. You can cite your previous posts as well as media published by external sources.
  • This blog post must be published by 12 noon on Tuesday, 11/4.
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