Assignment: SocialMediaWorks Strategy Report

Your SocialMediaWorks Strategy Report is due Tuesday 11/4 at 12 noon.

Important things to remember:

  • Be sure to fill in the section titled “My Initial Ideas for Social Media Listening,” which is located in Step 2: Audience.
    • The work you did in your Twitterature Review and Summary of Existing Media – as well as the explanations provided by the tool itself – should be useful in completing this section.
    • You will most likely not be able to copy word-for-word from your previous work to complete this section, however.
  • Be sure to complete the section titled “Content,” which is located in Step 3: Content.
    • Read the explanations and contact me prior to Sunday if you need assistance in complething this section.
  • Select the three channels you will use in your campaign.
    • Base your choices on the tool’s recommendations, as well as the lectures last week and this week’s reading (see above).
    • Be prepared to justify your choices in class or a future blog, whether you use the tool’s recommendations or go rogue and choose your own.
  • Be sure to export the PDF from the final page.
    • Change the file’s name to “[yourname] Initiative FINAL.pdf” – for example, my file would be called “Brandon Initiative FINAL.pdf”
  • You will submit this assignment using PolyLearn. There is an assignment link under Week 6.
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