Lab Project: 5×5 Digital Story

Follow the tutorial and instructions listed below. The project described should be submitted at the end of lab today. 3 hours should be more than enough time to complete the tutorial/project I have shared.

Follow the instructions the imovie11_tutorial.pdf (also available at to edit a 5×5 digital story using photos and voiceover. We briefly discussed 5×5 videos on Thursday, so a reminder is here at Vimeo 5×5 Challenge.

Your 5×5 digital story should somehow relate to your topic, message, or slogan; that leaves a lot of room for you to figure out what your 5×5 will say/show/tell. Be as creative as you want to be, but remember the objective is to create a 25 second movie using photos, voiceover, and, music if the lab computers have music files on them. ***You should skip Step 11 of the tutorial and omit music if music is not available using the methods described in the tutorial***

You should ideally use the photos you brought to class; in light of my absence and inability to help you import the photos, it is ok to use images that you download from Google Images or a photo-sharing site like Flickr. Don’t worry about using the video you collected; we will work on that next week (November 5) because we will still have access to the lab on that date. (I was wrong; November 12 and 19 are when we do not have access). We will definitely use your photos and videos next week.

The most important aspect of this project today is that you get familiar with using iMovie to edit together a digital story. Don’t worry about whether or not it is perfect, or cringe at hearing your voice on the computer (this is a natural response); worry more about using the computer as a tool for storytelling — because a story is what your campaign and message ultimately are. Have fun, explore, create, and turn in your exported Quicktime movie at the end of the day.

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